Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Honda Oem DC5 type R front grill

Brand new Honda oem front grill
Honda logo and type r emblem included.
Price = $450
1 set book by Nawi DC5

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ralco Rz Short shifter adapter for FD2

There so many short throw shifters on the market, however, only Ralco Rz has a shifter available that stands out amongst all others. These shifters are made from the highest quality aluminum and hardened steel. Every Ralco-rz Short Shift kit is precision-made for each application. A premium sport shifter engineered for the enthusiast. This Sport Shifter has all of the features including a nice chrome shift knob. Complete replacement for the stock shifter included with every unit.


Twm performance full replacement short shifter kit for FD2

The 2006-2011 Honda Civic Full Replacement Short Shifter Assembly by TWM Performance is designed with the needs of the most demanding tuners in mind. This short shifter is the ULTIMATE upgrade for YOUR Civic!

The full replacement short shifter assembly for the 2006-2011 Civic replace the stock shifter assembly to reposition the shifter cable and reduce shift throw by 36% (2009-2011 Si) to 45% (other years and trims).

Price=BND$ 1.3k

Monday, November 7, 2011

Supertech dual valve spring and Titanium retainer for K20A

Supertech performance valve springs are made with premium Superclean Chrome Silicon Vanadium Steel Alloy for higher performance and durability. Computer designed to ensure that wire stress levels do not overpass the limits for long durability under extreme conditions and harmonics are well under control. Supertech Retainers are manufactured with high quality military certified Titanium alloy, CNC machined for a tight fit that will ensure a long durability.KITS INCLUDE:
Valve Springs, Titanium Retainers and Seats (unless noted otherwise below). NOTES:
Valve Stems Required! Some kits include keepers and valve seals (where noted in
description) "+OEM" = use OEM factory seats.


Kelford Stage 2 cams for K20A/K20Z/K24A


179-B camshafts are designed as a stage two racing camshaft set for the popular Honda K20a/K20Z & K24A2 engines.
These camshafts offer large power gains in well built engines.
Primary / Secondary lobe specifications are:
Int, 274/280 @ 0.1mm, 210/220 @ 1.00mm 8.30mm/9.00mm Valve lift
Exh, 268/278 @ 0.1mm, 200/210 @ 1.00mm, 7.55/7.55mm Valve lift


Kelford Stage 1 cams for K20A/K20Z/K24A


179-A camshafts are designed as a stage one upgrade for the popular Honda K20a/K20Z & K24A2 engines.
These camshafts offer moderate performance increase and are an easy fit because they only require the stock valve spring to be used.
The primary and Intermediate lobes are fractionally larger than the TSX and the main lobe features mor area for increased mid and top end performance.
Primary / Secondary lobe specifications are:
Int, 272/274 @ 0.1mm, 202/210 @ 1.00mm 7.55/8.30mm Valve lift
Exh, 268/278 @ 0.1mm, 200/210 @ 1.00mm, 7.55/7.55mm Valve lift

Price=BND$ 1.65k

Sunday, August 21, 2011

NRG Gen 3.0 Quick release (Universal)

NRG new generation 3.0 Quick Release with its new sleek design offers style and functionality that surpasses all previous versions. With the addition of the two larger levers, steering wheel removal has never been easier. The generation 3.0 utilizes the same patented ball and lock mechanism found in the previous versions.

Price=BND$ 465

NRG Gen 2.5 Quick release (Universal)

NRG Quick Release Steering Hubs allow the user to conveniently remove an aftermarket steering wheel from the vehicle for security purposes or quick ins and outs for racing purposes. Simply slide the locking ring upwards and your NRG quick release, along with the aftermarket steering wheel of your choice, will separate from the base.

·3 inches tall

·Ball-Lock quick release system

·Specially designed raised sections to prevent the hub from scratches

·Self locking mechanism for ease of use and safety functions

·Flared ring allows much easier release for the steering wheel by providing added leverage and grip onto the pull ring. Perfect for race applications where the use of gloves are required.

·Can accept aftermarket steering wheels that use a MOMO 6 hole pattern, or the NARDI 6 hole pattern. Most aftermarket steering wheels use either of these patterns and will work with the quick release hub.

·This item is universal, and will require the use of a steering hub adapter specific to your vehicle. (THIS QUICK RELEASE HUB WILL NOT WORK BY ITSELF IN THE CAR WITHOUT A HUB ADAPTER SPECIFIC TO YOUR VEHICLE)


Price = BND$ 410

NRG GEN 2.0 Quick release (universal)

This Quick Release Steering hub is to be used to fit aftermarket steering wheels. This is used in the Japanese Grand Touring Championship race cars, also known as JGTC and Super-GT.

Features CNC billet aircraft aluminum construction for ultra super strength to prevent wear and play. They are hard powder coated for a long lasting finish. The spring loaded ball bearing design allows you to put back the steering wheel always in its correct position and never off center. Has a safety locking pin button design to prevent accidental release while driving. This quick release hub allows you to quickly remove the steering wheel to make it easy to get in and out of your car. A great modification for those with high bolster racing seats or those that simply need some more leg room getting in an out of the car.
It includes a set of extended bolts, wired pigtails if you wish to use a horn button

It has two different 6-bolt patterns on the steering wheel side and is works with all NRG, Momo, Sparco, Nardi and Personal after market 6 bolt pattern steering wheels. Other colours available.


NRG Short hub adapter for all mazda (include RX8)

This Short Base Steering hub is to be used with our ball Bearing Quick Release or our GTC Flip-up Hubs. The Short length compensates for the added length that a Quick Release or GTC Flip-up hub adds to the steering column. Each Short Base Hub is design specifically to each car maker to retain the factory steering length when used with the Quick Release or GTC Flip-up. This is used in the Japanese Grand Touring Championship race cars, also known as J-GTC and Super-GT. Made by a very well known company that brought you the Quick Release Gen 1, 2 and 2.5.

Features CNC billet aircraft aluminum construction, hard powder coated in black
It includes a set of extended allen bolts with wrench and equipped with wired pigtails if you wish to use a horn button

***Requires Quick Release or GTC Flip-up hub, not included***
***you can not use this short base hub by itself.***

Price= BND$280

Sunday, July 31, 2011

K tuned billet shifter arm for DC5R/S

The K-Tuned Billet Shifter Arm is a direct replacement for the sloppy oem plastic shifter arm. This 100% billet aluminum arm uses an extremely durable delrin pivot ball with much tighter clearances than stock. We have also fitted the arm with a stiffer heat treated neutral return spring. These 3 combined parts virtually eliminate the "play" or "looseness" that is a common complaint about the stock shifter box. The result is a shifter with much improved shift accuracy and an overall "crisper feel". This product will give the user increased confidence and reduce the chances of a dreaded "mis-shift" which can kill a motor in a matter of seconds.

Designed to fit all oem shifter boxes from K20A/A2/A3 and Z1 engines. This upgrade is so good, it almost feels like a mechanical linkage. For customers on a tighter budget, we are also offering our upgraded pivot ball and upgraded return spring separately. We do however want to note that using the oem plastic arm will still cause some flex in the system.

Price= BND$366

Thursday, July 21, 2011

BMC Direct Intake Air system (universal)

About the DIA - Direct Intake Airsystem

Thanks to the matured experience of BMC in the supercharging dynamic air boxes, they have developed the Direct Intake Airsystem (DIA), the junior filtration system by BMC.

The philosophy of the BMC top range product, the Carbon Dynamic Airbox (CDA) is newly proposed in the DIA, a system with its particular structure, ensures that the aspirated air is carried to the engine at a speed and capacity superior respect of traditional systems, with a significant gain to engine performance. The DIA consists in a plastic air box containing an air flow deflector and a reusable filtering element. The universal kit also contains a flexible tube to carry fresh cool air to inside the air box, a connector sleeve and two reducers to allow the installation in more popular applications.

The universal DIA (models DIA70-130 and DIA85-150) are effectively the same in basic overall geometry and functionality as there universal CDA counterparts (CDA70-130 and CDA85-150). The only major difference is the use of plastic as the main casing material instead of carbon fibre.

By avoiding the use of exotic materials in its construction, the DIA brings the incredible patented high performance technology of its bigger brother the CDA in to one amazing value package!

DIA Technical Information

The DIA filtering system is composed of a cylindrical plastic air box containing a washable filtering element. Substituting the original air box with the DIA, cold air is directly channelled through an internal airflow deflector to the filter and drawn into the engine with a very small pressure drop (patented system). The DIA system also includes a black alloy ducting (60 cm length) for connecting the system to an air intake on the front of the car. The system is available in two different dimensions: we advise Type 1 (DIA70-130) for engines up to 1,600 cc; Type 2 (DIA85-150) for bigger displacements. Dyno and Datron Laser tests demonstrate the great performance of the DIA filtering system.

The DIA air box was developed by BMC primarily as a universal application and can be adapted to fit most vehicles. In many cases accessories may be required to fit a DIA system to your vehicle. Type 1 & Type 2 Universal versions of the CDA are supplied with the following accessories as standard:

Type 1 (DIA70-130) - 70mm OD (Outer Diameter) standard neck outlet plus 2 x nylon connectors to reduce to 65 or 60mm OD necks. Also includes a detachable cold air feed kit, metal bracket to secure the filter within your engine bay and installation instructions.

Type 2 (DIA85-150) - 85mm OD (Outer Diameter) standard neck outlet 1 x nylon reducer to 70mm OD neck. Also includes a detachable cold air feed kit, metal bracket to secure the filter within your engine bay and installation instructions.


Venom Pipercross induction kit (Universal)

- Free-flow Pipercross foam air filter in alloy heat shield enclosure.
- Filter Dimensions:
- 5-in-1 Neck Diameter: 88mm OD standard alloy neck and supplied with
4 polyurethane neck reducers to convert to 75, 70, 65 and 60mm ID outlet.
- Includes a heavy duty 75mm ID flexi-duct to supply cool air to the filter.
- Clips included for secure installation.
- More Power
- Increased Air Flow
- Increased Acceleration
- Sports Sound
- Replaces Factory Airbox
- Washable and Reusable foam filter


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Apiro gold air intake torque packs kit (universal)

Torque Universal Induction Kit - 76, 70, 65, 60mm neck diameters - Help increase airflow - Enhance engine bay - Kit includes: 76mm neck cotton performance air filter, 2x 150mm aluminium pipes, PVC flexible hose, bracket, 70, 65 and 60mm reducers, clips .
Price= BND$235

Apiro Universal Air intake

- Proven to increase power and torque
- Designed to maximise airflow
- Available with cotton gauze filter element
- Both power and torque are boosted by means of the induction pipe that can be located at the front of the engine bay channelling - cool air directly into the filter. This is shielded from high under bonnet temperatures that can be detrimental to performance.

- Each filter has a pleated design thus maximising the available surface area.

Packs include:

Universal 76mm neck filter, neck diameter reducers: 70, 65, 60 and 555mm, pipe connector, clips and bracket, aluminium
induction hose (extends from 34-100cm) with end-piece and wire ties.

Price : $255 BND

Friday, April 1, 2011

K tuned Pro 1000 turbo fuel rail K20A

The K-Tuned PRO1000 Turbo Fuel Rail was designed with the serious Turbo race car in mind. Our Universal Fuel Rail handled 1000+ HP without a problem, but with the power limits of the K motor being Universal Fuel Rail handled 1000+ HP without a problem, but with the power limits of the K motor being pushed higher each season it was time to introduce something bigger. The Turbo Rail is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and the huge ¾ inch bore is the biggest available for the K-series engine. This extremely large bore will meet the fuel demands of any high HP Turbo K engine. The rail also has a hard anodized finish that is suitable to use with any type of fuel (E85, Methanol, Alcohol) Just like our other fuel rails the PRO-1000 also has a third center port that can be used for multiple purposes.

1) Included with our fuel rail is a specially designed fitting that can be used to mount the OEM damper in the factory location. The purpose of the stock fuel pressure damper is to dampen minor fuel pressure fluctuations that are caused by the pulsing of the fuel injectors. This is known to cause small air bubbles in the rail, which can in turn starve the injectors. The pulsation damper acts as an accumulator to smooth out these pulsations, ensuring more accurate and constant fuel pressure. Some have claimed a couple HP can be gained by keeping the damper installed.

2) Our optional 6AN or 8AN center port fittings can be used to setup a dual-feed fuel system with a supply going into both ends of the rail, with a center return. A system setup this way, will have no fuel starvation t
Estimate Price= BND$450

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hasport Motor Mount Kit For FD2

Includes: Rear, transmission, and passenger side mount.

Designed using sophisticated CAD/CAM engineering software, these mounts provide the utmost in strength and proper fit. Using aircraft quality aluminum Hasport mounts come with a lifetime warranty.

This mount kit is available with different polyurethane inserts. The most common and softest is the street, followed by the race for track cars, and extreme race.

Estimate Price=BND$1.3k

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Speed Star Racing Racing Quick drain Valve (Universal Honda)

Introducing the best way to change oil, the SSR Engine Oil Drain Valve. Install this valve and you can drain your engine oil without tools and without mess. Just lift the lever of this solid brass ball valve and give it a quarter turn to open it. Return the lever to its original position and it locks closed, double sealed to prevent leakage. The Engine Oil Drain Valve is made of corrosion resistant forged brass and stainless steel. The ball valve design provides a straight flow for efficient drainage and a perfect seal when closed. Frozen drain plug and stripped threads are eliminated forever. changing your oil is a snap! Sizes to fit your car's oil pan.

there are 2 versions available:
A) regular
B) with nipple (Add BND$10)


the N-SERIES valve is equipped with a Nipple to enable the operator to attach a hose and drain the engine oil out of tight spots and away where access to the plug itself and resulting mess are often problems. Like the standard SSR Engine Oil Drain Valve, this spring assisted ball valve replace standard oil drain plug making oil changes easier and saving valuable time. Also ideal for oil sampling analysis as a small amount of oil can be drawn without shutting off the engine. The N-SERIES SSR Engine Oil Drain Valve takes the mess out of routine maintenance.

Estimate Price=BND$ 196

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hayward Perfromance K20 Race intake manifold

For Fast Street and road race with the center downward facing throttle position for better/more equal flow to all the cylinders.

Redesigned base manifold with better ports, sized for the K20 engine,it uses the stock type fuelrail with stock type fuel injectors, offset base manifold to fit with power steering pump.

Options: plenum size from 2.5 liter to 3.5 liters,throttle flange bore sizes from 70m/m to 90m/m, for the most popular ford 5 liter throttles, also have an option for stock RSX throttle bolt pattern with whatever bore size you want from 70 m/m, on up.

2 vacuum take offs with space for 2 more, a mounting pad for the stock MAP sensor, not shown here.

This intake manifold will also work great with turbos and Prochargers,Rotrex's etc.

Estimate Price= BND $2.6k

Sunday, March 13, 2011

NRG Fender washer (Universal Honda)

NRG Innovations would like to introduce our fender washer dress up kit which is available in 10 different colors. The added benefit of the fender washer kit is that they can also be used as rivets for metal and plastic applications. Each package comes with a base that can be set within a drilled hole to serve as an anchor for the bolt. The washers are made of anodized T6061 Aluminum and the hex bolts are constructed of stainless steel.

1 Set contain 10 Fender washers.

Estimate Price=BND$ 165

Password JDM Fender washer (Universal Honda)

Add that last finishing touch to your engine bay with these all new Password:JDM fender washers! Offered in anodized black, blue, gold, purple, red, gunmetal, silver, and the all new green these fender washers feature the Password:JDM Kenji logo. All Password:JDM fender washers are constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and are matched up with long lasting stainless steel bolts.

The Password:JDM Fender Washer Kits include 6Mx20 stainless steel bolts. The fender washers will fit any 10mm bolt hole under the hood of your Honda. The 6Mx20 bolts is recommended for all parts under your hood such as fenders, headlights, bumpers, etc.

1 Set contain 4 Fender washers.

Estimate Price=BND$75

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Buddyclub QuickShifter for FD2

Same OE stock design adapter with more strength and durability, special feature which can change the height of the shifter, provide good fit to every driver with smooth precise shifting .

The Buddy Club Racing Spec Shifters are manufacturered using as few separate pieces as possible to ensure high strength with no compromises and possibilities of failure. Our shifters are constructed out of high-strength forged steel, and provides the perfect "feel" that every racer needs to best communicate with the car.
Estimate Price = BND$656

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Splitfire Super Shot BT

- Highest capacitor of any similar product

- A total of 1 million micro farad , about 200 times a closest brand.
- Comprises of 6 ultra high capacitor super capacitor plus microprocessor.
- On board 3 Led display to show battery status.
Estimate price =$696 BND

Friday, February 25, 2011

Splitfire Super Shot Electronic Flow System

New splitfire product better and more powerful than Hotinazma pocket.
-Equipped with large capacity condenser
- 50,000 F capacitor system with negative ion generator
- Noise absorption circuit with a separate over-voltage protection circuit.
- Gold plated contacts of the socket to adopt.
- Negative ions generated by stopping the engine after storage capability.
- Beautiful blue will also work to ensure
- LED lights
- Separately connected to the power options
- ion structures can be uploaded.
Estimate Price = $199BND

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Aem X wifi Uego wideband and EGT Controller (Universal)


The AEM X-WiFi is the complete exhaust gas monitoring and tuning tool, combining the legendary AEM wideband UEGO and up to two EGT sensors (optional) in one compact, easy to install module. On top of that, the X-WiFi displays accurate, real-time, AFR and EGT data in a user-friendly layout via the standard web browser on virtually any WiFi enabled electronics device such as the iPhone™, Droid™* and Storm2™*. The AEM X-WiFi also offers a 0-5v analog output for use with data loggers and virtually any engine management system, such as the AEM EMS or FIC. Data stream output is included for PC viewing of AFR and EGTs via USB cable.
* Standard router required for Droid™ and Storm2™

Easy to conceal, yet simple to connect to wirelessly, the AEM X-WiFi system features a 4.2 LSU Bosch sensor with an accuracy of .1 AFR. When used with the two K-Type EGT sensors, the X-WiFi gives fast and accurate reference to real-time exhaust gas conditions, for easy power tuning. With clean and easy installation and simple data viewing, the X-WiFi lets you monitor your Air/Fuel Ratio and EGT from a wide range of wireless devices and can be configured for either direct (adhoc) or network (infrastructure) WiFi communication. Bottom line, the X-WiFi is a must have for tuners and enthusiasts alike.


No free air calibration required - ever
Ideal AFR monitoring tool for EFI and carbureted applications, and engine dynamometers
No laptop or dedicated display required for monitoring
Includes Bosch 4.2 sensor for optimum accuracy and reliability
Accurate to 0.1 AFR
Optional EGT sensors sold separately (AEM Part# 30-2067)
0-5v analog outputs included (AFR, EGT1, EGT2) for use with data loggers and virtually any engine management system
Serial data stream included for output of AFR and EGTs via USB cable
Detects AFR sensor problems and outputs error values which can be used to deactivate feedback
Reads EGTs from 0-1800F
Reads Gasoline AFR values from 8.5 to 18:1 AFR
Reads E85 AFR from values 5.7 to 12:1 AFR
Reads Ethanol AFR values from 5.2 to 11:1 AFR
Reads Methanol AFR values from 3.7 to 7.8:1
Reads Lambda values from 0.58 to 1.22 AF

Estimate price= BND$786

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Aeromotive Compact Fuel pressure regulator (Universal)

- Compact design fits small engine compartments while providing big performance.

- Flows enough to handle the A1000 fuel pump.

- Adjustable from 30 to 70 psi.

- Fuel pressure will rise on a 1:1 ratio when referencing boost.

Estimate Price=BND$366

Sunday, December 5, 2010

AEM CDI ignition control module (Universal)

AEM’s digital multi-channel Twin-Fire Ignition is the lightest, smallest and most cost effective ignition module on the market. This unit is available in four- and eight-channel configurations, works with O.E.M. coil-on-plug and distributed spark systems, and is ideal for race applications that utilize aftermarket stand-alone engine management systems.

 - Works with coil-on plug and distributed spark systems
 - 540v primary/54,000v secondary voltage energy
 - 189mJ spark energy per capacitor
 - Multi-Strike capability of up to 10 sparks per ignition trigger (20 degrees)
 - Smallest (5.5” x 4.625” x 1.375”) and lightest (1.5lbs) CDI on the market
 - Four- or eight-channel availability
 - Full spark energy with battery voltage as low as 9v
 - Tachometer output included
 - Extruded enclosure

Estimated Price= $699

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hybrid Racing Throttle body for K20A

The Hybrid Racing big bore K-series throttle bodies are by far the most feature packed throttle bodies on the market. When we designed this throttle body, we wanted to create a reliable product that allowed as much flexibility in your setup as possible.

One simple, but very notable feature of this throttle body is the dual bolt pattern. By incorporating two bolt patterns, this throttle body is able to bolt directly to a PRB or RBC intake manifold. By eliminating the need for an adapter when upgrading from a PRB to RBC intake manifold, this throttle body saves you as much as $75. Another great feature on this throttle body is the ability to delete or retain your factory cruise control. This is the only big bore throttle body on the market that allows you to retain cruise control. Who says you can’t make serious power AND keep your creature comforts?

In the spirit of making this throttle body the most setup-flexible on the market, we incorporated integral block-offs for the IACV, Emissions Solenoid, and MAP sensor. The IACV can be completely blocked off using the four included 1/8 NPT plugs. The Emissions Solenoid and MAP Sensor can be blocked off using the included aluminum plugs. Better yet, the aluminum plugs can be held down using the supplied retaining rings, meaning no worries of plugs popping out if you’re running boost! This throttle body also retains the IACV coolant port that many manufacturer’s hastily delete. This means that on K-swaps where radiator/IACV clearance is an issue, you can still rotate your IACV 180° and loop the coolant hose to eliminate the interference with the radiator while keeping the smooth idle offered by keeping the IACV.

Also notable are the dual, concentric torsion springs. Believe it or not, this throttle body has 4 torsion springs built into it. The throttle and cruise cables each get a dedicated torsion spring to keep the cables taut, just like in the OEM design. Two springs are used to shut the butterfly itself, making this throttle body the only NHRA legal big-bore throttle body on the market.

Last, but not least, the three bolts used to fasten the brass butterfly to the steel center shaft are staked. Staking is the process of deforming a bolt to prevent it from coming loose and falling out. This means that even if one of these bolts were to become loose, it would be unable to come completely out. If you’ve heard of people blowing up motors from bolts falling out of other manufacturer’s throttle bodies, then you know how important a feature this is.

Our throttle bodies are available in 74mm and 70mm bores with a 76mm inlet. The proprietary knife-edged 76mm inlet design means increased inlet velocities and lower inlet turbulence compared to competing throttle bodies. They feature dual ball bearings, dual needle bearings, integral O-ring seals, 6061-T6 aluminum construction, and a no-stick butterfly design. Each throttle body is supplied with stainless steel mounting hardware for all sensors and the throttle body itself. The kit also includes a custom fit thermal insulating gasket to help you keep intake temps down.

- Available in 70mm and 74mm bores 
- Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum 
- Bolts to RBC and PRB intake manifolds 
- Accommodates Cruise Control 
- Knife-edged 76mm inlet 
- Integral Block-off for IACV, MAP sensor, and Emissions Solenoid 
- Retains IACV coolant port for IACV mounting flexibility 
- Stainless steel mounting bolts included 
- Custom Thermal Insulating Gasket Included 
- Staked butterfly bolts for added reliability 
- Dual Concentric Torsion Springs 
- Lightweight steel bracket

Estimate price= $976

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Omni Power USA Quick Clutch Master cylinder for DC5

Track proven to reduce road circuit and 1/4 mile times.
-Restores harmonious synchronization to clutch pedal and short shifter
-Increases stock clutch performance and works with all aftermarket clutches
-Greatly reduces mis-shifting
-Hassle free 2 year warranty
-OEM replacement for worn out stock clutch master cylinders
-Improves clutch pedal feel
-Allows sequential like shifting
-More relaxed and natural shifting technique
-Crisper more defined clutch engagement

Estimate Price=$496

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fujita Short Ram intake for DC5 type S 06 model

- 6061 T6 Aluminum Intake Tubing with Polished finish
- Reinforced Silicone Hose
- Carbon Plated T-bolt clamps (unless linear clamps required)
- Fujita Super Flow High Performance Air Filter
- TIG Welded bracketry
- Vibration Mounts

Estimate price=$536